Type of an element of TOKEN_STACK_CHILD_TABLE (indexed token). Keeps children information of a device, which has parent support enabled.

Public Attribute Documentation#


EmberEUI64 tokTypeStackChildTableEntry::longId

The Long Id of the child

Definition at line 263 of file /mnt/raid/workspaces/ws.04isO4uyE/overlay/gsdk/protocol/flex/stack/config/token-stack.h


EmberNodeId tokTypeStackChildTableEntry::shortId

The NodeId of the child

Definition at line 264 of file /mnt/raid/workspaces/ws.04isO4uyE/overlay/gsdk/protocol/flex/stack/config/token-stack.h


uint8_t tokTypeStackChildTableEntry::flags

Flags for the child required by the stack

Definition at line 265 of file /mnt/raid/workspaces/ws.04isO4uyE/overlay/gsdk/protocol/flex/stack/config/token-stack.h