Release Notes

Multiconnect Support

BGXpress was modified to support multiple simultaneous connections to BGX devices. This is version 2.0. The following describes the specific changes made to iOS and Android platform.

BGXpress.framework (iOS)

For iOS, the BGXpressManager class was split into BGXpressScanner and BGXpressDevice. BGXpressScanner is now used to scan for and discover BGX Devices. When devices are discovered, they are now exposed using the BGXDevice class. BGXpressScanDelegate is a protocol that is used to track state changes to the Bluetooth manager and the scanner and be notified as BGX Devices are discovered. You can adopt this protocol in any class you wish and assign it as the delegate for the scanner.

BGXDevice is a class used to interact with the BGX Device. There are two delegate protocols for this class, the BGXSerialDelegate protocol and the BGXDeviceDelegate protocol. This separates the serial communication from state changes to the device. You can implement these two protocols in the same class if you wish, or you could use different classes.

BGXpressService (Android)

For Android device, the BGXpressService, the device address is used as a parameter to specify the device to which the operation should pertain. The DeviceAddress is included as an extra to various broadcast intents sent by BGXpressService to indicate the device which has changed.