Here is a list of all modules:
 BGX DMSThe BGX DMS module is used for interacting with the Silicon Labs Device Management Service (DMS) in order to get a list of firmware versions that are available for your BGX device and to download firmware images
 BGX OTA UpdateBgx_ota_update contains a class (BGX_OTA_Updater) and other data types that are used to perform an OTA update operation (i.e
 Safe TypeSafeType is a convenient way to verify that an NSObject passed using id is the expected type when assigning the value to a pointer of a specific Objective-C type
 VersionVersion is a class used to work with (parse, enforce, and compare) the version scheme used for BGX Firmware
 BGXpressScannerBGXpressScanner is used to detect changes to the Bluetooth hardware and scan for devices
 BGXDeviceUsed to represent the BGX device