Release Notes for Gecko OS Edition 2

Gecko OS 2 evolved from ZentriOS WL 1.5. To update from ZentriOS WL to Gecko OS, see Updating to Gecko OS . This page also lists differences between ZentriOS WL and Gecko OS 2 .

We recommend upgrading to the latest version of Gecko OS 2. See release notes for the latest version of Gecko OS 2 .

Version String

Note that the version string changes format in Gecko OS 2. The ZentriOS WL 1.5 version string is similar to:

ZENTRI-AMW007-, 2018-09-03T06:06:14Z, ZentriOS-WL-, Board:AMW007-E03.2

The Gecko OS 2 version string is similar to:

SILABS-AMW007-2.1.5, Gecko OS-2.1.5, AMW007-W00001

The version number in Gecko OS 2 contains major version, minor version, and patch version, e.g. 2.1.5 . It does not contain a release candidate version number.

Gecko OS 2.1.5

Last Updated: April, 2019

Gecko OS 2.1 is the first public release of Gecko OS 2.

This release contains a number of fixes and several features unavailable in previous versions.

The following changes are differences between Gecko OS 2.1 and Gecko OS 2.0 .

Commands can be buffered to manage machine reading of large command responses. See system.cmd.buffered .

Streams can be automatically re-used when closed remotely. See stream.auto_close .

A maximum of 16 FILE streams can be open at a time.

The changes shown below are differences between Gecko OS 2.1 and ZentriOS WL 1.5.

Known Issues

Last Updated : April, 2019

Topic Description Solution or Workaround
4K TLS Max Fragment Size A TLS connection to a server that sends fragment sizes larger than 4K fails. The connection may fail during TLS handshaking, but it may fail at any time after connection if the server sends a fragment larger than 4K. There is no workaround for this issue, unless it is possible to configure the server to send records smaller than 4K. A fix is planned for Gecko OS 2.2.
http_post data size 1460 byte limit http_post data size is limited to 1460 bytes. Break the http_post activity into multiple requests with sizes smaller than 1460 bytes. In Gecko OS 2.2 this limit will be raised to 5000 bytes.
softap.idle_timeout The variable softap.idle_timeout is listed in Gecko OS 2.1 but its function is not supported. There is no workaround.

Commands Changed

Change Description
dms_activate The dms activate command has been renamed to dms_activate .
dms_claim The dms claim command has been renamed to dms_claim .

Variables Changed

Change Description
broadcast.udp.remote_port The broadcast.udp.port variable has been renamed to broadcast.udp.remote_port .
system.cmd.format The system.cmd.mode variable has been renamed to system.cmd.format .

Variables Added

Change Description
hboot.filename The hboot.filename variable supports the host boot feature.
hboot.gpio The hboot.gpio variable supports the host boot feature.
stream.auto_close The stream.auto_close variable enables and disables automatic closing of streams disconnected by the remote host.
system.cmd.buffered The system.cmd.buffered variable enables and disables command output buffering.

Variables Removed

Change Description
bus.command.rx_bufsize The bus.command.rx_bufsize variable has been removed.
bus.command.tx_bufsize The bus.command.tx_bufsize variable has been removed.