Release Notes for Gecko OS Edition 2

Gecko OS 2 evolved from ZentriOS WL 1.5. To update from ZentriOS WL to Gecko OS, see Updating to Gecko OS. This page also lists differences between ZentriOS WL and Gecko OS 2.

We recommend upgrading to the latest version of Gecko OS 2. See release notes for the latest version of Gecko OS 2.

Version String

Note that the version string changes format in Gecko OS 2. The ZentriOS WL 1.5 version string is similar to:

ZENTRI-AMW007-, 2018-09-03T06:06:14Z, ZentriOS-WL-, Board:AMW007-E03.2

The Gecko OS 2 version string is similar to:

SILABS-AMW007-2.1.5, Gecko OS-2.1.5, AMW007-W00001

The version number in Gecko OS 2 contains major version, minor version, and patch version, e.g. 2.1.5. It does not contain a release candidate version number.

Gecko OS 2.1.5

Last Updated: April, 2019

Gecko OS 2.1 is the first public release of Gecko OS 2.

This release contains a number of fixes and several features unavailable in previous versions.

The following changes are differences between Gecko OS 2.1 and Gecko OS 2.0.

Commands can be buffered to manage machine reading of large command responses. See system.cmd.buffered.

Streams can be automatically re-used when closed remotely. See stream.auto_close.

A maximum of 16 FILE streams can be open at a time.

The changes shown below are differences between Gecko OS 2.1 and ZentriOS WL 1.5.

Known Issues

Last Updated : April, 2019

TopicDescriptionSolution or Workaround
4K TLS Max Fragment SizeA TLS connection to a server that sends fragment sizes larger than 4K fails. The connection may fail during TLS handshaking, but it may fail at any time after connection if the server sends a fragment larger than 4K.There is no workaround for this issue, unless it is possible to configure the server to send records smaller than 4K. A fix is planned for Gecko OS 2.2.
http_post data size 1460 byte limithttp_post data size is limited to 1460 bytes.Break the http_post activity into multiple requests with sizes smaller than 1460 bytes. In Gecko OS 2.2 this limit will be raised to 5000 bytes.
softap.idle_timeoutThe variable softap.idle_timeout is listed in Gecko OS 2.1 but its function is not supported.There is no workaround.

Commands Changed

dms_activateThe dms activate command has been renamed to dms_activate.
dms_claimThe dms claim command has been renamed to dms_claim.

Variables Changed

broadcast.udp.remote_portThe broadcast.udp.port variable has been renamed to broadcast.udp.remote_port.
system.cmd.formatThe system.cmd.mode variable has been renamed to system.cmd.format.

Variables Added

hboot.filenameThe hboot.filename variable supports the host boot feature.
hboot.gpioThe hboot.gpio variable supports the host boot feature.
stream.auto_closeThe stream.auto_close variable enables and disables automatic closing of streams disconnected by the remote host.
system.cmd.bufferedThe system.cmd.buffered variable enables and disables command output buffering.

Variables Removed

bus.command.rx_bufsizeThe bus.command.rx_bufsize variable has been removed.
bus.command.tx_bufsizeThe bus.command.tx_bufsize variable has been removed.