Gecko OS 4.0 Hardware Support


Silabs provides software and tools for building connected products, from silicon to cloud.

Gecko OS is the IoT operating system that allows rapid building of complex connected products.

Silabs provides platforms that run Gecko OS. Platforms include modules and evaluation boards.

We also provide tools to assist in the development process, and additional hardware, sensors and other devices.

For each hardware item below, the documentation includes links for product details and purchasing information.


A platform is a combination of hardware components connected in a specific configuration; an EFM32GG11 MCU connected to a WF200 Wi-Fi transceiver via the SDIO interface for example.

Silicon Labs provides a version of Gecko OS specifically for each supported platform.

Gecko OS Studio (GSS) detects the platform of any connected devices when you choose the GSS Device tab.

Where procedures and features vary, depending on the platform, the details are noted throughout the documentation.

Where a configuration consists of subcomponents, a platform is the smallest Gecko OS-capable component that can be obtained separately. For example, a Gecko OS WGM160P evaluation board contains a Gecko OS WGM160P module. The platform is the WGM160P module.

IoT Modules

Manufacturer Name Description Gecko OS Editions
Silicon Labs WGM160P Wi-Fi & Ethernet module Gecko OS 4