Using Silicon Labs IoT Security Features#

Silicon Labs offers a range of security features depending on the part you are using and your application and production needs.

secure vault with developer

The content on these pages is intended for those who want to implement security features as part of your IoT device management. If you are looking for an introduction to Silicon Labs Security features and to security issues that confront those implementing IoT systems, see the Security page.

For details about this release: Links to release notes are available on the Gecko SDK page as part of the Gecko Platform release notes.

For background on security issues in general: IoT Security Fundamentals explains some security basics.

To get started with implementing security: See the Getting Started page for help determining what features you want to implement based on the series 2 part you are working with. Series 2 devices are the preferred choice for secure system implementation.

If you are already in development: See the Developer's Guide for details. Security APIs are documented in the Gecko Platform API Reference.

For detailed information about implementing some security features with specific protocols: See the protocol-specific pages. An extensive body of other protocol-specific content can be accessed through the homepage.