Matter over Wi-Fi Demo Overview#

This document walks through the steps to build the Matter application i.e lighting, thermostat, door-lock for EFR32MG boards. A complete list of hardware supported for Wi-Fi is included on the Hardware Requirements page.

Step 1: Matter Wi-Fi Prerequisites#


Before running the Matter Wi-Fi demo or developing for Wi-Fi make sure that you have all the required hardware and software for each use case.

  1. Matter Hardware Requirements

  2. Matter Software Requirements

Step 2: Building the chip-tool for Wi-Fi#


In order to run the Matter Wi-Fi demo you will need to run the chip-tool on one of two platforms, either Linux/Mac or Raspberry Pi.

  1. Build Linux Environment

  2. Build Raspberry-Pi Environment

Step 3: Building the Matter Accessory Device (MAD) for Wi-Fi#


Follow the steps in Software Setup

Build commands are provided for the RS9116 adapter.

Step 4: Running the Demo#


Running Matter Demo over Wi-Fi using Linux

This contains instructions to run the Matter Wi-Fi demo using chip-tool running on a Linux Machine (either Laptop or Raspberry Pi) - follow this after successfully executing the above steps.