Debug the Application#

  1. In the Project Explorer pane, select the project name.

  2. From the menu bar, select Run > Debug As > 1 Silicon Labs ARM Program. Switch to debug mode

  3. Studio will switch to debug mode and halt execution at the main() function in your application.

  4. Add a break point in the desired location of the code and click the Resume button (having an icon with a rectangular bar and play button).

  5. Execution will halt at the break point.

  6. Use the following debug functions to direct the execution of the code:

    • Step In button (having an icon with a arrow pointing between two dots).

    • Step Over button (having an icon with an arrow going over a dot).

    • Step Out button (having an icon with an arrow pointing out from between two dots).Debug options

  7. View the standard output or enter input data as needed.