Gecko Bootloader#

The Gecko Bootloader is a program stored in reserved flash memory that can initialize a device, update firmware images, and may also perform integrity checks. Devices are typically programmed with firmware during the product manufacturing process. A bootloader allows for reprogramming devices after production is complete, to add features or fix bugs.

simplified models of host and soc bootloaders

The content on these pages is intended for those who want to experiment with or are already developing a bootloader for use in your devices.

For details about this release: Gecko Bootloader release notes may be found in the combined Gecko Platform release notes, available on the Gecko SDK page.

For information about Silicon Labs' hardware or software products: See the developers pages on

For background about bootloading: Bootloader Fundamentals (PDF) is a good place to start.

To get started working with Gecko Bootloader example applications in Simplicity Studio: See the Getting Started page.

If you are already in development with Gecko Bootloader: See the Developer's Guide for details or go directly to the API Reference.

Bootloaders are usually developed along with the firmware image development. For information about bootloading with individual protocols, see the Protocol-Specific Information pages. An extensive body of content is available for each protocol and can be accessed through the homepage.