Including the Trace Recorder#

Including the SystemView Trace Recorder Files#

Micrium OS Kernel includes the Trace Recorder code from SEGGER SystemView with support for ARM Cortex-M devices.

To include this Trace recorder in your project simply include the entire SystemView folder as illustrated in Figure - SystemView files in the Including the Trace Recorder page.

Figure SystemView files#

SystemView filesSystemView files

The files in this folder can be described as follows:


The configuration file templates to configure the RTT channel and SystemView settings.


(4) The configuration file template to configure platform related settings that are usually set once.

(5) The SystemView port for Micrium OS Kernel.

(6) The SystemView code that implements the trace recorder and the communication channel via RTT.

Note: In case you want to get the latest recorder code with potentially support for more CPUs, you can download the code directly from SEGGER at and extract the contents to the folder Micrium/Tools/SystemView

Configuring the Compiler's Include Paths#

Configure your compiler with the following include paths:



Including Header Files#

From the application level code where you intend to initialize the Trace Recorder insert the following line of code:

#include  <rtos/kernel/include/os_trace.h>