USB Device Core Example Applications#

This section describes the examples that are related to the core component of Micrium OS USB Device.

Simple Initialization Example#

This is a generic example for the USB device module. It accomplishes the following tasks:

  • Initialize the USB device core module

  • Add one USB device controller

  • Add a Full-Speed configuration to the device

  • Add a High-Speed configuration to the device (only if the device is High-Speed capable)

  • Initialize all the available class application example(s)

  • Start the device

This example is mandatory if you add any class application examples. By default, this example will assume the presence of a USB controller named "usb0" and will attempt to add it. If this device is not present on your platform or you prefer to use another one, modify the define EX_USBD_CTRLR_NAME accordingly.


The example implementation is located in /examples/usb/device/ex_usbd.h and /examples/usb/device/all/ex_usbd_all.c.


This application offers two API functions named Ex_USBD_Init() and Ex_USBD_Start(). The function Ex_USBD_Init() must be called by your application first. Once your application is ready to connect to the USB host, you can then call the function Ex_USBD_Start().