The Network module is a complete TCP/IP stack designed specifically for embedded systems. Built from the ground up with Micrium quality, scalability, and reliability, it enables the rapid configuration of required network options to minimize time-to-market.

The Network module allows for adjustment of the memory footprint based on design requirements. It can be configured to include only those network components necessary to the system. When a component is not used, it is not included in the build, saving valuable memory space.

The Network module support IPv4 and IPv6, DHCP and DNS client; and provides multiple network applications such as HTTP, MQTT, SMTP, SNTP, FTP, Telnet and more.

This manual describes how to initialize, start, and use the Network module. It provides details about the various configuration values and their uses and a porting guide for your hardware. It also provides information such as overview, configuration possibilities, implementation details and examples of typical usage.

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