Standard BSP Functions#

Each BSP is expected to implement a function called BSP_OS_Init(). This function is called at a specific moment by the application during initialization.

The definitions of this functions is located in the file bsp/siliconlabs/generic/include/bsp_os.h.

Table - Standard BSP Functions in the Hardware Porting Guide page describes the function that must be implemented.

Table - Standard BSP Functions#


Function signature



Peripheral Initialization

void BSP_OS_Init(void)

Initializes other peripherals and registers the controllers to the Platform Manager . Refer to Controller Registration to the Platform Manager for more information.

After the call to the function Common_Init().

CPU Module#

Micrium OS CPU is the first module you should port since all other Micrium OS modules rely on it. To port CPU, you will need some simple board-specific adaptations. Refer to CPU Port Board Support Package for more information.