Bootloading Embedded Applications#

Bootloading allows you to update application firmware images on your devices. This section provides background information about bootloading using the Silicon Labs Gecko Bootloader.

  • Bootloader Fundamentals: Introduces bootloading for Silicon Labs networking devices. Discusses the Gecko Bootloader as well as legacy Ember and Bluetooth bootloaders, and describes the file formats used by each.

  • Gecko Bootloader User's Guide: Describes the high-level implementation of the Silicon Labs Gecko Bootloader for EFR32 SoCs and NCPs, and provides information on how to get started using the Gecko Bootloader with Silicon Labs wireless protocol stacks in GSDK 4.0 and higher.

  • Series 2 Secure Boot with RTSL: Contains detailed information on configuring and using the Secure Boot with hardware Root of Trust and Secure Loader on Series 2 devices, including how to provision the signing key. This is a companion document to UG266: Silicon Labs Gecko Bootloader User's Guide.

  • Transitioning to the Updated Gecko Bootloader in GSDK 4.0 and Higher: Gecko Bootloader v2.x, introduced in GSDK 4.0, contains a number of changes compared to Gecko Bootloader v1.x. This document describes the differences between the versions, including how to configure the new Gecko Bootloader in Simplicity Studio 5.