Release Notes#

RAIL Library 2.16.1 GA#

Feb 14, 2024

Release Highlights#

  • Added support for HDR (High Data Rate) 2Mbps and 1Mbps PHYs on the EFR32xG13 and EFR32xG21.

  • Added support for setting and overriding the Whitening and CRC initial values on runtime that are defined by the existing PHYs radio configuration.

  • Bugfixes and minor improvements.

Deprecation Notes#

  • The RAIL 2.x API is planned for deprecation in the 24Q4-GA release (December 2024). At that time, the new RAIL 3.0 API will be released for all supported chips along with a RAIL 2.x compatibility layer and migration guide.

    • The goal of this new API is to evolve what we currently have to get rid of some unused features, add better support for concurrent listening use cases, and simplify channel and PA configurations.

    • We hope the migration is straight forward and simple for the majority of customers but there may be manual help needed in some cases which we will do our best to document to ease this transition.

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