Public Attributes#


Public Attribute Documentation#


uint8_t dev_addr[6]

remote device address

Definition at line 2347 of file include/rsi_bt_apis.h


uint8_t scope

Scope refers which List of folder items to be accessed at present 0 - Media_Player_List 1 - Virtual_File_System 2 - Search 3 - NowPlaying

Definition at line 2354 of file include/rsi_bt_apis.h


uint16_t start_item

The offset within the listing of the item, which should be the first returned item. The first element in the listing is at offset 0.

Definition at line 2358 of file include/rsi_bt_apis.h


uint16_t end_item

The offset within the listing of the item which should be the final returned item. If this is set to a value beyond what is available, the TG shall return items from the provided Start Item index to the index of the final item. If the End Item index is smaller than the Start Item index, the TG shall return an error. If CT requests too many items, TG can respond with a sub-set of the requested items.

Definition at line 2365 of file include/rsi_bt_apis.h


uint8_t attr_cnt

Request the Attributes present on the attr_cnt value 0x00 - All attributes are requested. 0x01-0xFE - The following Attribute List contains this number of attributes. 0xFF - No attributes are requested.

Definition at line 2371 of file include/rsi_bt_apis.h