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uint8_t bd_addr[6]

remote device address

Definition at line 605 of file include/rsi_bt_apis.h


uint16_t pkt_type

packet_type bitmap. 0x0001 Reserved for future use 0x0002 2-DH1 should not be used. 0x0004 3-DH1 should not be used 0x0008 DM1 may be used. 0x0010 DH1 may be used. 0x0020 Reserved for future use. 0x0040 Reserved for future use. 0x0080 Reserved for future use. 0x0100 2-DH3 should not be used. 0x0200 3-DH3 should not be used. 0x0400 DM3 may be used. 0x0800 DH3 may be used. 0x1000 2-DH5 should not be used. 0x2000 3-DH5 should not be used. 0x4000 DM5 may be used. 0x8000 DH5 may be used.

Definition at line 624 of file include/rsi_bt_apis.h