BLE Heart Rate Profile Tera Term Script#

This application demonstrates the BLE Heart Rate profile using the RS9116W via AT Commands over UART. The RS9116W is configured as a heart rate sensor; it sends notifications to a remote mobile device when (simulated) heart rate values change.

Before continuing, ensure the RS9116 EVK is plugged into your computer and Tera Term is connected as described in Getting Started with PC using AT Commands.

STEP 1. Reset the RS9116 EVK.

STEP 2. In the Tera Term menu, select Control->Macro. Tera Term MacroTera Term Macro

STEP 3. Navigate to the folder <SDK>/examples/at_commands/teraterm containing example scripts and select the file ble_heart_rate_profile.ttl. Tera Term script to be selectedTera Term script to be selected

STEP 4. After running the ble_heart_rate_profile.ttl script, a pop-up shows. Select OK to continue. Application Start pop upApplication Start pop up

STEP 5. The autobaud process runs and shows a pop-up with the text 'Firmware Loading Done'. Select OK to continue. Opermode command successOpermode command success

STEP 6. The command sequence executes in turn, eventually putting the RS9116W into an advertising state. Band input promptBand input prompt

STEP 7. Using a mobile app such as Silabs EFR Connect, scan for and connect to the RS9116W, see Using EFR Connect. After connection, RS9116W fetches the app MTU and LE data length update. Init command successInit command success

STEP 8. After a successful connection, the script asks to enable notifications. IPConfig SuccessIPConfig Success

STEP 9. After notifications are enabled by EFR Connect, RS9116W sends data notifications 10 times and then asks to disable notifications. Security mode input promptSecurity mode input prompt

Security mode input promptSecurity mode input prompt

Steps 8 and 9 are repeated several times to demonstrate the notification process.

Using EFR Connect on a Mobile Device with RS9116W#

The Silabs EFR Connect app can be used to connect to the RS9116W.

STEP 1. Open the 'EFR Connect' app, select 'Browser' and scan for the RS9116W device. waiting for station to connectwaiting for station to connect

STEP 2. Select 'Connect' to connect with the RS9116W. waiting for station to connectwaiting for station to connect

STEP 3. After connection is successful, a list of services shows including the Heart rate monitor service 0x180d webpagewebpage

STEP 4. Select the heart rate monitor service to see the respective attribute and properties. webpagewebpage

STEP 5. As noted in Step 8, the Tera Term script prompts to enable notifications after a successful connection. When notifications are enabled, the RS9116W sends the heart rate value. Upgrade in progressUpgrade in progress