BLE Peripheral Mode Tera Term Script#

This application demonstrates how to configure the RS9116W Module in simple peripheral mode and how to get connected from the remote Central device.

Before continuing, ensure the RS9116 EVK is plugged into your computer and TeraTerm is connected as described in Getting Started with PC using AT Commands.

STEP 1. Reset the RS9116 EVK.

STEP 2. In the Tera Term menu select Control->Macro.

Tera Term MacroTera Term Macro

STEP 3. Navigate to the folder <SDK>/examples/at_commands/teraterm/ble_peripheral which contains the example script and select the file ble_peripheral.ttl.

Tera Term Script to be selectedTera Term Script to be selected

STEP 4. To run this example, you will need the Silicon Labs 'EFR Connect' mobile BLE App available on the App Store for iOS, and on the Google Play Store for Android.

STEP 5. Command sequence in this script:

  1. Opermode

  2. Set local name

  3. Query local BD address

  4. Set advertisement data

  5. Add service

  6. Add attribute

  7. Add attribute

  8. Add attribute

  9. Query firmware version

  10. Advertise

Step 6. After executing these commands, the Silabs device with the name "RS9116W_BLE" in Central device appears on the BLE App. {"style":"max-width:700px", "class":"material-lifted"}{BLE Peripheral Mode}{"style":"max-width:700px", "class":"material-lifted"}{BLE Peripheral Mode}

Step 7. When the Central device give the connect command, the RS9116 will receive Enhanced

Step 8. The connection update event is shown in the following text.


Step 9. The data length update event may also appear as shown in teh following text.


Step 10. After this connection update events will come to the host.



BLE Peripheral mode connectionBLE Peripheral mode connection

Step 11. Once these events come it means Silabs module got connected to the Central device.

Step 12. Central can send the data to the Silabs module. And a host will get the event like below.


Note: Here in this example we have added Service as a Device Information 0x180A and attribute as a custom characteristic attribute 0x1AA1. Users can change the services as well as attributes as per requirement.

Refer to the BLE Programming Reference Manual for further details on how to change the parameters.