WiSeConnect™ Example Applications#

The WiSeConnect™ SDK includes a large number of examples that illustrate how to use the RS9116W. Each example includes ready-made projects for EFx32 and STM32 host MCU's that are simple to import into a target IDE and begin development.

To get started using the example applications, follow the instructions in on one of the getting started guides below:

The examples may be run on many other embedded host MCU's by porting the WiSeConnect™ driver software as described in the RS9116W SAPI Porting Guide.

The examples included in the WiSeConnect™ SDK are organized into the following types. Each example includes documentation that describes how to configure and operate the example. More details are available at the links below:

  • Featured Examples - Full featured projects that demonstrate a common RS9116 use-case or enable you to perform a key aspect of RS9116 evaluation.

  • Snippet Examples - Smaller projects that focus on one particular feature or API.

  • AT Command Examples - Pre-built Tera Term scripts used for evaluating the RS9116 directly from a PC.