RS9116W - WiSeConnect™#

WiSeConnect™ offers a full network offload option for embedded systems with low-end host microcontrollers running an RTOS or bare metal OS. The RS9116W connects to a host MCU using UART or SPI interfaces. A complete set of wireless, networking and security stacks run on the RS9116W device, however the networking stack can be bypassed if required. Communication with the host MCU is achieved with AT Commands, or alternately a simple binary API referred to as SAPI. Embedded products provide greater than 20 Mbps Wi-Fi application throughput with multiple operating modes including Wi-Fi Client, Wi-Fi Access Point, Simultaneous Wi-Fi Client & Access Point and Dual-mode Bluetooth.

To get started using the WiSeConnect™ SDK, follow the instructions in on one of the getting started guides below:

The software package is available directly in Simplicity Studio for Silicon Labs EFx32 hosts. For other MCU hosts the software package can be downloaded directly from the Silicon Labs GitHub space.