Developing For 32-Bit Devices - Overview#

These pages describe how to customize projects developed in Simplicity Studio® 5 (SSv5) for 32-bit target devices.

If you have not yet installed SSv5 or are not familiar with its features, Getting Started guides you through installing SSv5 and your Silicon Labs protocol software development kit (SDK). This section assumes you have installed studio, have your development hardware connected, and are generally familiar with the SSv5 Launcher Perspective and with the Simplicity IDE.

Each Silicon Labs SDK comes with example projects. The easiest way to start development is to modify the configuration of an example project. The various paths to creating a project based on an example are described in Start a Project.

The development tools you will use depend on the example chosen as a starting point, as described in Developing with Project Configurator and Developing with AppBuilder. In general, AppBuilder is used with Zigbee EmberZNet and Gecko Bootloader projects, and Project Configurator is used with Proprietary Flex, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Mesh, 32-bit MCU, and OpenThread projects.

After you have created your project files, compile an application image and flash it to your device as described in Building and Flashing.

When you are ready to test your project, whether on Silicon Labs hardware or your own custom device, SSv5 provides a number of tools to help with testing and debugging. An overview is provided in Testing and Debugging.