Known Issues#

Simplicity Studio® Version 5.7.2#





The Navigation Buttons (back, forward, etc) will not be displayed if Simplicity Studio starts up on the Simplicity IDE perspective.

Change to a different perspective such as the Launcher perspective and then back to the Simplicity IDE perspective.


Changing the Target Part in Project Configurator does not work correctly on customer hardware.

Either create a new software example for the desired target part and port in code changes or manually change the component ID in the .slcp and .slps files with a text editor and then open the Project configurator and do a Force Generation.


GDB Debug Session Launch fails with "Error in final launch sequence" popup.

Typically, the debug session will launch successfully the next time or after a Simplicity Studio restart. If the issue persists, edit the debug configuration Run > Debug configurations… and uncheck the 'Continue' box on the Startup tab. The debug session will stop before main(), but clicking Resume will run to main().


The Text Editor background color set in Preferences is ignored.

The underlying issue is an Eclipse CDT issue when appearance theming is enabled. Simplicity Studio blocks the control to enable/disable theming, so there is no work around.


Custom Network Analyzer Decoders no longer work starting with version

The only current work around is to run the network analyzer with the custom decoders using SSv5 version 5.6.4 or earlier. An offline installer for 5.6.4 can be supplied. Silicon Labs is working on supporting custom network analyzer decoders using "Lua" for a future release.


Simplicity Studio/Zigbee Cluster Configurator integration responsiveness issues

Simplicity Studio/ Zigbee Cluster Configurator integration responsiveness issues, introduced in version, have been partially addressed in version Some operations are still slow. Notably, you may notice a 5-10 second delay after opening the Zigbee Cluster Configurator, until all component states are resolved.