SLC-CLI User's Guide#

The Silicon Labs Configurator (SLC) is a metadata specification for the Gecko SDK (GSDK). It also describes methods of creating and configuring embedded software projects for Silicon Labs IoT devices using this metadata. Software is grouped into components (defined by .slcc files) that may provide features and/or require features provided by other components. Example projects (.slcp) describe a single software application (usually made up of multiple components plus application code) that can be used to generate an IDE project. See the SLC Specification for details about SLC.

The SLC Command Line Interface (SLC-CLI) tool, among other things, resolves project and component dependencies and generates a project for a specified embedded target and build system (for example, IAR Embedded Workbench or GNU tools via a Makefile), among other things. This user’s guide provides references to the most common operations done with SLC-CLI.