Configuring the Driver in Wi-Fi Monitor Mode#

The Steps for operating the device in Monitor Mode are outlined below.

  1. To install the driver, run the following commands:

    # insmod rsi_91x.ko rsi_zone_enabled=1 dev_oper_mode=1 driver_mode_value=7
  2. Insert the SDIO interface ko.

       # insmod rsi_sdio.ko
  3. Make sure that interface is down. If not, run the following command to bring down the interface:

    # ifconfig <interface_name> down
  4. To change the default interface to monitor, run the following command:

      # iwconfig < interface_name> mode monitor               OR                     
      # iw dev <interface_name> set type monitor   
  5. To bring up the interface, run the following command:

    # ifconfig <interface_name> up 
  6. Set the channel in which you want to capture the on air packets.

      # iwconfig <interface_name> channel < channel no>                     OR      
      # iw dev <interface_name> set channel <channel no> 
  7. Use any network packet analysis tool to see captured packets.

      # wireshark &     OR
      # tcpdump &