Startup Script#

To load the driver, use the script script. This script file will help to compile the driver and bring up SiWx91x RCP module in different modes.

To use the script, connect SiWx91x module to the host platform and run the following command.

   # ./ <mode>

Different modes supported:

   • STA
   • AP
   • AP_STA
   • BLE
   • STA_BLE


  • This script file is compatible with platforms that support native compilation, such as Raspberry Pi and x86 platforms.

  • The file "" is responsible for compiling the driver, if necessary, based on the selected mode.

  • When using the SiWx91x STA mode or modes where STA is involved , the script will prompt the user to select the type of access point they want to connect to. Based on the user's input, the script will then ask for the access point's credentials. It is important to provide the correct SSID and password for the selected access point type. Please see the following image for guidance:

    Station Mode AP Connection Settings

  • When using the SiWx91x AP mode, the script will prompt the user to select their preferred mode. By default, the SiWT917 AP mode will use the SSID and password provided in the hostapd configuration files located in the release folder (ap_wpa.conf and ap_open.conf). To use a custom SSID and password, update the credentials in the respective configuration file before running the script. See the following image for guidance:

    AP Mode - Select Preferred Security Mode

  • If the script throws a messsage, such as “Please ensure wpa_supplicant application is present in system” or “Please ensure hostapd application is present in system” or both, then install them and place the binaries in the release directory.

    • To install wpa_supplicant, run the following command:

      # apt-get install wpa_supplicant

      Note: For the steps to install a particular wpa_supplicant version, see the Configure and Compile Supplicant section.

    • To install hostapd, run the following command.

      # apt-get install hostapd