Wi-SUN Border Router GUI#

The Wi-SUN border router GUI is a companion tool for Silicon Labs' Wi-SUN border router reference design, wsbrd. The tool helps manage the network by enabling a remote border router configuration and provides a visual representation of the connected Wi-SUN devices. For more information about the installation of the tool and the quick start guide, refer to the wisun-br-gui repository.

Wi-SUN Dashboard#

The Wi-SUN border router GUI provides a user interface to configure the border router by modifying the wsbrd.conf file and allows the user to start, restart, and stop the Wi-SUN border router service. In the same interface, the tool shows the running configuration on the border router (Network name, PanID, Size, Domain, Class, Mode, and the GAK/GTK Keys).

Wi-SUN DashboardWi-SUN Dashboard

Wi-SUN Topology#

The Wi-SUN Topology tool draws your implemented Wi-SUN network in the form of a graph constructed of nodes and edges linking each child to its parent. The tool also lists properties of each device when it is selected in a separate box.

Wi-SUN TopologyWi-SUN Topology