Developing with Amazon Sidewalk#

Amazon Sidewalk is a shared wireless network that uses Amazon Sidewalk Bridges, such as compatible Amazon Echo and Ring devices, to enable communication among devices communicating on the network. Amazon Sidewalk enables reliable, low-bandwidth, and long-range connectivity at home and beyond. It connects IoT devices and applications such as outdoor lights, motion sensors, and location-based devices. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy for short-distance communication and CSS and FSK radio protocols at 900 MHz frequencies to cover longer distances.

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These pages are intended for those who are actively exploring or already developing an application using the Silicon Labs integrated solution for Amazon Sidewalk. Contents focus on application development. For a high-level overview of the entire process, from buying parts to manufacturing and deployment, see the Amazon Sidewalk Developer Journey with Silicon Labs.

For our recommended Amazon Sidewalk development platform: See the Silicon Labs Pro Kit for Amazon Sidewalk.

To see the Silicon Labs Amazon Sidewalk integrated solution in action: Follow the Pro Kit out-of-the-box demo instructions.

For background about the protocol: The Amazon Sidewalk Protocol Overview discusses important elements of the specification.

To start your Amazon Sidewalk development using Simplicity Studio example applications: See the Getting Started Guide.

If you are already in development: See the Developer's Guide for resources to support crucial aspects of your development effort. You can also refer to the Amazon Sidewalk Sid API Developer Guide.