Complete events with a control and a handler procedure.

An application typically creates an array of events along with their handlers. The main loop passes the array to emberRunEvents() to call the handlers of any events whose time has arrived.

Public Attributes#


Public Attribute Documentation#


EmberEventControl* EmberEventData_S::control

The control structure for the event.

Definition at line 603 of file /mnt/raid/workspaces/ws.04isO4uyE/overlay/gsdk/protocol/flex/stack/include/ember-types.h


void(* EmberEventData_S::handler) (void)

The procedure to call when the event fires.

Definition at line 605 of file /mnt/raid/workspaces/ws.04isO4uyE/overlay/gsdk/protocol/flex/stack/include/ember-types.h