Protocol-Specific Security References#

The pages in this section offer protocol-specific information. For general content applicable to any protocol that supports the feature, see the main development section.


Bluetooth Low Energy Application Security Design Considerations in SDK v3.x and Higher (PDF) - Provides details on designing Bluetooth Low Energy applications with security and privacy in mind.

Certificate-Based Bluetooth Authentication and Pairing (PDF) - Describes the theoretical background of certificate-based authentication and pairing, and demonstrates the usage of the related sample applications that can be found in Silicon Labs' Bluetooth SDK.

Bluetooth Mesh#

Bluetooth Mesh Certificate-Based Provisioning (PDF) - Describes how certificates are used to establish the authenticity of devices wishing to join a mesh network.


Using Silicon Labs Secure Vault Features with OpenThread (PDF) - Describes how Secure Vault features are leveraged in OpenThread applications. Focuses on specific PSA features and emphasizes how these are integrated into the OpenThread stack.


Zigbee Security (PDF) - Introduces some basic security concepts, including network layer security, trust centers, and application support layer security features. It then discusses the types of standard security protocols available in EmberZNet PRO. Coding requirements for implementing security are reviewed in summary. Finally, information on implementing Zigbee Smart Energy security is provided.