Using Simplicity Studio's GATT Configurator with Matter GitHub Repo#


Note: This guide is intended for developers who are primarily developing outside of Simplicity Studio. If you are developing using Simplicity Studio please consider the section on Matter in Simplicity Studio for more information.

The Simplicity Studio Bluetooth GATT Configurator is an Advanced Configurator within the Simplicity Studio Project Configuration suite. For more information on using the Simplicity Studio Project Configurator in Matter refer to this guide. Use of the BLE GATT Configurator in Matter assumes that you are already familiar with creating and using an Empty C++ Project in Simplicity Studio.

The basic steps for using the Simplicity Studio BLE GATT Configurator are as follows:

  1. Create an Empty C++ project in Simplicity Studio's Project Creation Wizard

    More information on creating an Empty C++ project can be found in the Project Configurator guide here.

  2. Add the BLE component to your project

    Once you have opened your Empty C++ project, you can add the BLE GATT configuration by adding the Bluetooth > GATT > Configuration component to your project. This will enable the BLE GATT Configurator under Configuration Tools > Bluetooth GATT Configurator

  3. Open the BLE GATT Advanced Configurator in Simplicity Studio

    In the top menu of your project navigate to Configuration Tools > Bluetooth GATT Configurator

  4. Change your GATT settings as you wish for your project.

    More information on using the BLE GATT Configurator is provided here.

  5. Save your project, which will force the generation of your BLE GATT Configuration

  6. BLE GATT database is stored in the autogen folder in your project directory

  7. Move the BLE GATT db into your Matter project.

    Copy the BLE GATT db header files out of your project and into the Matter project. BLE GATT db header and .c files are located in ./src/platform/EFR32 in the Silicon Labs Matter GitHub repo.