Flashing EFR32 Examples in VS Code#

This section covers flashing efr32 examples to target devices.


  1. Simplicity Commander - The Standalone Utility to flash the target devices can be found in the following links: installer for windows, installer for MAC, installer for Linux. please ensure the proper directories are added to the PATH.

  2. Python - Ensure that Python is installed and the proper directories are added to the PATH.


Step 1:#

Use the shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + P) to trigger the command pallet.

Step 2:#

Search for "run build task" and select "Run build task" from the drop down menu.

Step 3:#

Select "Flash efr32 example" from the options.

Step 4:#

On the next menu, select the example to flash to your target device. The example must have an "out" directory that contains a binary file with the ".out" extension.

Step 4:#

In response to the final prompt, select the target device.