Getting Started with Matter over Wi-Fi#

To get started with Matter over Wi-Fi, download the latest version of Simplicity Studio as described in Software Installation and select one of the getting started guides in this section:

  • System-on-chip (SoC) mode: Both the application and connectivity stack runs on the SiWx91x™ chipset. Refer to Getting Started with SoC Mode.

  • Network Co-Processor (NCP) mode: The application runs on an external micro-controller unit (MCU) host and the connectivity stack runs on the Silicon Labs Wi-Fi Processor. Refer to Getting Started with EFR32 in NCP Mode.

Setting up the Matter over Wi-Fi Development Environment#

Refer to the Release Notes to know more about the latest releases from Silicon Labs.

To control the Matter Accessory Device, a controller is required which is termed as chip-tool. The chip-tool can be set up in two ways:

Running the Matter over Wi-Fi Demo#

To run the Matter Demo over Wi-Fi , refer to Running the Matter Demo over Wi-Fi.