Create a Project for an EFR32 Application#

This page provides a detailed description on how to create an Wi-Fi NCP project for EFR32 boards.

  1. Download and Install Simplicity Studio.

  2. To install the software packages for Simplicity Studio, refer to Software Package Installation.

  3. Log in to Simplicity Studio and connect the EFR32 WSTK board to the computer.

  4. Go to the All Products section.

    All ProductsAll Products

  5. Search and select the radio board from the displayed list and select Start.

    Select the radio boardSelect the radio board

  6. The Launcher page will display the selected radio board's details.

    Overview tabOverview tab

  7. Verify the following in the General Information section:

    • The Debug Mode is Onboard Device (MCU).

    • The Preferred SDK is the version you selected earlier.

    Verify SDKVerify SDK

  8. Open the Example Projects and Demos tab, select a project, and click Create Project.

    Create ProjectCreate Project

  9. In the New Project Wizard window, click Finish.

    Finish projectFinish project

  10. Once the solution is created, right-click the project and select Build Project in the Project Explorer tab.

    Build projectBuild project

  11. Once the project is compiled successfully, go to the Project Explorer view and expand the binaries folder to flash the binary.

    Select binarySelect binary

  12. Right-click the selected '.s37' binary and click flash to device.

    flash to deviceflash to device

  13. The Flash programmer window opens. Click Erase and then Program to start flashing.

    Flash binaryFlash binary

Note: Output of the EFR32 NCP Host application will be displayed on the J-Link RTT Viewer.