SPI Flash#

The SPI Flash storage implementation supports a variety of SPI Flash parts including the following:

  • Spansion S25FL208K (8Mbit)

  • Winbond W25X20BV (2Mbit), W25Q80BV (8Mbit)

  • Macronix MX25L2006E (2Mbit), MX25L4006E (4Mbit), MX25L8006E (8Mbit), MX25R8035F (8Mbit low power), MX25L1606E (16Mbit), MX25U1635E (16Mbit 2Volt), MX25R3235F (32Mbit ultra low power) MX25R6435F (64Mbit low power)

  • Atmel/Adesto AT25DF041A (4Mbit), AT25DF081A (8Mbit)

  • Numonyx/Micron M25P20 (2Mbit), M25P40 (4Mbit), M25P80 (8Mbit), M25P16 (16Mbit)

  • ISSI IS25LQ025B (256Kbit), IS25LQ512B (512Kbit), IS25LQ010B (1Mbit), IS25LQ020B (2Mbit), IS25LQ040B (4Mbit)

The subset of supported devices can be configured at compile time using the configuration defines given in SPI Flash Configurations. Including support for multiple devices requires more Flash space in the bootloader.

The SPI Flash storage implementation does not support any write protection functionality.