cpt112s_i2c.c File Reference

helper functions for managing capsense inputs



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Definition in file cpt112s_i2c.c .

#include " cpt112s_i2c.h "
#include "cpt112s_config.h"
#include " em_chip.h "
#include " em_cmu.h "
#include " em_i2c.h "
#include " em_gpio.h "
#include " em_device.h "
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdio.h>


uint16_t CPT112S_getCapsenseCurrent (void)
uint16_t CPT112S_getCapsensePrevious (void)
uint16_t CPT112S_getSliderCurrent (void)
uint16_t CPT112S_getSliderPrevious (void)
void CPT112S_init (void)
void CPT112S_update (void)
static void parseI2C (void)
static void performI2CTransfer (void)
Transmitting I2C data. Will busy-wait until the transfer is complete.
static void setupI2C (void)
Setup I2C.
static void setupOscillators (void)
Starting oscillators and enabling clocks.


static uint16_t capsenseCurrent
static uint16_t capsensePrevious
static uint8_t i2c_rxBuffer [CPT112S_I2C_RXBUFFER_SIZE]
static volatile bool i2c_rxInProgress
static volatile bool i2c_startTx
static uint16_t sliderCurrent
static uint16_t sliderPrevious