nvm3_hal_flash.c File Reference

Non-Volatile Memory Wear-Leveling driver HAL implementation.


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Definition in file nvm3_hal_flash.c .

#include <stdbool.h>
#include <string.h>
#include " nvm3.h "
#include " nvm3_hal_flash.h "
#include " em_system.h "
#include " em_msc.h "


#define CHECK_DATA 1
Macro defining if data should be checked.


static void nvm3_halFlashAccess (nvm3_HalNvmAccessCode_t access)
static void nvm3_halFlashClose (void)
static Ecode_t nvm3_halFlashGetInfo ( nvm3_HalInfo_t *halInfo)
static Ecode_t nvm3_halFlashOpen ( nvm3_HalPtr_t nvmAdr, size_t flashSize)
static Ecode_t nvm3_halFlashPageErase ( nvm3_HalPtr_t nvmAdr)
Ecode_t nvm3_halFlashReadWords ( nvm3_HalPtr_t nvmAdr, void *dst, size_t wordCnt)
static Ecode_t nvm3_halFlashWriteWords ( nvm3_HalPtr_t nvmAdr, void const *src, size_t wordCnt)


const nvm3_HalHandle_t nvm3_halFlashHandle