HIDKBD_KeyReport_t Struct Reference

HID keyboard input report definition.

Definition at line 53 of file hidkbd.h .

#include < hidkbd.h >

Data Fields

uint8_t key [6]
uint8_t modifier
uint8_t reserved

Field Documentation

uint8_t HIDKBD_KeyReport_t::key[6]

Array of 6 key array indices, key index codes are defined in the "Keyboard page" section of "USB HID Usage Tables document", also refer to usbkbdscancodes.c .

Definition at line 56 of file hidkbd.h .

uint8_t HIDKBD_KeyReport_t::modifier

Key modifier byte as defined in HID spec. section "8.3 Report Format for Array Items".

Definition at line 54 of file hidkbd.h .

uint8_t HIDKBD_KeyReport_t::reserved

Reserved, should be set to zero.

Definition at line 55 of file hidkbd.h .

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