USB Host Overview#


  • Complies with the "Universal Serial Bus specification revision 2.0"

  • Implements the "Interface Association Descriptor Engineering Change Notice (ECN)"

  • Transfer types

    • Control

    • Bulk

    • Interrupt

  • USB classes

    • Android Open Accessory Protocol (AOAP)

    • Communication Device Class (CDC)

    • Abstract Control Model (ACM)

    • Human Interface Device (HID)

    • Mass Storage Class (MSC)

    • USB-to-serial (FTDI, Silicon Labs and Prolific adapters)


  • Scalable to contain only required features and minimize memory footprint

  • Supports Low-speed (1.5Mbit/s), Full-speed (12 Mbit/s) and High-speed (480 Mbit/s)

  • Supports multiple devices/external hubs

  • Supports composite (multi-function) devices

  • Supports multi-configuration devices

  • Supports USB power saving functionalities (device suspend and resume)

  • Complete integration of Mass Storage Class to Micrium OS File System module

  • Extensive control on devices (reset, disconnect)

  • Extensive control on memory allocations.

  • Convenient "lsusb" command via Common's Shell module