Integrating File System Into Your Project#

Micrium OS File System contains several components, each of which implements specific functions. The core of the File System module is named "File System." This component is mandatory and must always be part of your project. The File System module also includes one component for each storage driver. To use File System, you must add these files to your project and populate your RTOS description file .

Starting the File System Module Quickly#

Micrium offers a set of example applications that demonstrate some of the features of the Micrium OS File System to help you start the development of your application. We highly recommend that you start from one of these examples.

The section File System Example Applications describes each example application.

Configuring File System#

Micrium OS File System can be configured to optimize memory usage or features. The page File System Compile-Time Configuration explains how the File System Core and Storage layers can be configured at compile-time. The page File System Run-Time Configuration explains how the File System core and storage can be configured at run-time.