RAILtest Changelist#

RAIL 2.16.x:#

  • 1175616: Added support for RAILTEST on the MGM240x modules.

  • 1185980: Added support for channel masks during Wi-SUN mode switch in RAILTEST application on the EFR32xG25.

RAIL 2.15.x:#

  • 1103500: When printRxErrors is in effect, erroneous packets now show RSSI and any erroneous payload received when Rx FIFO mode is used.

  • 1105873: RAILtest now displays board name (if known) on bootup.

RAIL 2.13.x:#

  • 825100: Added a clearer error message when setRssiOffset is used and the radio is not idle.

  • 828171: Added support for all types of line endings to the sweepTxPower command to prevent situations where advancing to the next power level could trigger twice in a row.

  • 845292: Added resetCause (in hex) to railtest's bootup display.

RAIL 2.12.x:#

  • 721006: Any pin on ports A, B, C, or D can now be selected to use as a debug signal in railtest using the setDebugSignal command.

RAIL 2.11.x:#

  • 679427: Altered RAILtest to allow for more dependencies to be removed - antenna diversity, RF path, CLI, CLI RAM storage, CLI delay.

  • 689827: Fixed a hanging issue caused by Rx channel hopping being enabled without a successful Rx channel hopping configuration. This was previously a recommended practice but is now required.

  • 700831: RAILtest sleep command again allows distinguishing energy modes 4h and 4s.

  • 712345: Added additional bootup messages to RAILtest showing radio, system, and PTI configuration information.

  • 737886: Fixed the help text for the setTimings command which had the order swapped for the rxToTx and txToRx time parameters.

RAIL 2.10.x:#

  • 605067: The SL_RAIL_TEST_PER warning has been removed from RAILtest when a PER pin is not configured for use.

RAIL 2.9.x:#

  • 381485: Added configChannelHoppingMulti command for pre-configuring channel hopping multi-sense mode parameters prior to issuing configRxChannelHopping command. Also augmented configRxDutyCycle command to allow parameterization of this mode.

  • 402203: Augmented configChannelHoppingOptions command to allow specifying RSSI threshold when enabling that option. Augmented configRxDutyCycle command to allow specifying options in general including the RSSI threshold.

  • 427841: Updated the Command Line Interface (CLI) help display format.

  • 488425: CLI commands are now displayed back to the user using the same capitalization as they are entered (e.g. entering command configTXoptions will display configTXoptions and not configTxOptions).

  • 454890: Restructured RAILtest to use a common main.c template with a software component-based architecture to select software features.

  • 487098: Disabled graphics, buttons, LEDs and PER test GPIO pin by default.

  • 484333: Standardized spelling of RAILtest for consistency.

    • Updated bootup message example: {{(reset)}{App:RAILtest}{Built:Jul 19 2019 13:36:24}}

  • 633846: Altered CLI input of command setDebugSignal.

  • 630457: Fixed an issue where the RAIL PTI component would automatically reserve hardware pins when no pins were specified for use.

RAIL 2.8.x:#

  • 344361: Added new command getCteSampleRate to retrieve the actual ADC sample rate used to capture the CTE.

  • 369727: Added new commands setTxTimePos and setRxTimePos to designate the time position of displayed packet timestamps among the RAIL_PacketTimePosition_t choices. In txEnd messages, now also display the lastTxStart time, and fixed a bug with the lastTxStatus display.

  • 406293: Fixed an issue where a memory pointer could be discarded from the event queue on queue overflow and never released. This can occur if the memory buffer pool is greater than the event queue size.

  • 415017: Updated the RAILTest bootup message to incorporate the reset command, the application name and the date and time of the RAILTest build.

    • Updated bootup message example: {{(reset)}{App:RAIL Test App}{Built:Jul 19 2019 13:36:24}}

  • 406080: Added new commands configRfSenseWakeupPhy and setRfSenseTxPayload to support waking up chips that support RFSENSE Selective(OOK) mode. Updated sleep and rfsense commands to allow setting the syncword length and syncword for EFR32XG22 chips which support RFSENSE Selective(OOK) mode. The tx command will always overwrite the TX FIFO with a default payload, hence setRfSenseTxPayload must be used with fifoModeTestOptions set to use txFifoManual to prevent the FIFO being overwritten.

  • 460516: Fixed minor railtest problem where setConfigIndex might not restart receiver listening like setChannel would if the receiver was on when the command was issued.

RAIL 2.7.x:#

  • 368510: Fixed an issue if receive was entered because of a transmit state transition where we would not change the channel when calling setChannel and would ignore calls to rx 1 to enter normal receive mode.

  • 394431: Fixed an issue where the configured antenna diversity settings in HAL config would not be applied to the radio at startup.

RAIL 2.6.x:#

  • Fixed setMultiTimer which was ignoring its mode argument; abs mode now works.

  • The commands setRxOptions and configTxOptions can now be called without any parameters to print the current state of these options.

  • RAILTest now uses its config-changed callback for both external and internal radio configs to ensure that the appropriate PA level is always selected.

  • Added 802.15.4 setDataReqLatency command for testing purposes.

  • Fixed some asynchronous event print outs related to Z-Wave beam frame reception since they could corrupt the output.

  • Added getChannelHoppingRssi command to read the RSSI when in channel hopping mode on each available channel.

RAIL 2.5.x:#

  • Added the following multitimer commands.

    • enableMultiTimer, setMultiTimer, multiTimerCancel, printMultiTimerStats

  • Added printRxErrors command to enable/disable printing of unsuccessfully received packets.

  • Added the ability to save command scripts to flash and run them from flash. Renamed command startScript to runScript. Added command clearScript.

RAIL 2.4.x:#

  • Added the RAM Modem Reconfiguration commands. These commands allow the dynamic configuration of the modem via a set of studio scripted commands.

RAIL 2.0.x:#

  • setChannel no longer requires the radio be idle.

RAIL 1.6.x:#

  • simple tx command transmits with defaults (i.e. don't wait for ack, send CRC, use sync word 0)

  • configTxOptions now controls 3 options

    • BIT0: Wait for ack

    • BIT1: Send CRC

    • BIT2: Sync Word ID

  • setRxOptions now controls 3 options

    • BIT0: Store CRC

    • BIT1: Ignore CRC errors

    • BIT2: Enable dual sync

RAIL 1.5.x:#

  • Added the following commands:

    • rxConfig, setRxOptions, setFixedLength, fifoStatus, dataConfig, setTxFifoThreshold, setRxFifoThreshold, iqCapture

RAIL 1.4.1:#

  • Added the following commands:

    • setPtiProtcol, sweepPower, startAvgRssi, getAvgRssi, setBle1Mbps, setBle2Mbps

RAIL 1.3.1:#

  • Added Bluetooth Low Energy commands

    • setBleMode, getBleMode, setBleChannelParams, setBleAdvertising

  • Fixed help text for setPanId802154, setshortAddr802154, setLongAddr802154

  • Changed parameters for acceptFrames separating the bitmask into individual elements

RAIL 1.3.0:#

  • Added Auto Acknowledgement commands

    • autoAckConfig, autoAckDisable, setAckPayload, setAckLength, printAckPacket, getAutoAck, autoAckPause, setTxAckOptions

  • Added IEEE 802.15.4 commands

    • enable802154, config2p4GHz802154, acceptFrames, setPromiscuousMode, setPanCoordinator, setPanId802154, setShortAddr802154, setLongAddr802154

  • Added scheduled RX command rxAt

  • Added transmitWithOptions and configTxOptions commands

  • Added setDebugSignal command.

RAIL 1.2.1:#

  • Added setPaCtune which can configure custom PA capacitor tuning values for TX and RX

  • Fixed RSSI slope requiring a 4dB power change for 1dB change in the received packet print

RAIL 1.2.0:#

  • Added bit error rate test commands - setBerConfig, berRx, and berStatus.

  • Added packet error rate test commands - perRx, perStatus.

  • Added the ability to set the RAIL timebase in microseconds - setTime.

  • RxOverflow counter now only counts number of overflows, instead of mistakenly counting some non-overflow events.

  • Removed the RfUs output parameter from the 'sleep' command due to it being incorrect.

RAIL 1.1 - May 15, 2016:#

  • Automatic state transitions and timings added via setRxTransitions, setTxTransitions, and setTimings.

  • Ability to selectively enable the address filter on certain frame types added through addressFilterByFrame command.

  • Independent status booleans were removed in favor of a single AppMode status variable, which keeps track of the state of RAILtest.

  • More validation is done to ensure that certain RAIL commands are only run in the correct AppMode and radio state. The radio must be IDLE for setChannel, freqOverride, setPower, and setCtune to succeed.

  • setTestMode was removed in favor of individual commands for setTxUnderflow, setRxOverflow, and setCalibrations

  • toggleTone became setTxTone, and toggleStream became setTxStream.

  • Removed command getTicks, since the RAIL_GetTime() function made the timer used unnecessary.

  • Removed command txTimeReport, since it was exposing implemenation-specific behavior encapsulated by RAIL.

Beta 1 - November 16, 2015:#

  • New library features for RF Energy Sensing exposed via new rfSense and sleep commands.

  • New RAIL timer functionality exposed via the setTimer, timerCancel, and printTimerStats commands.

  • New printDataRates command to get information about the current PHY's data rates.

  • Documentation clean up.

Alpha 2 - September 14, 2015:#

  • Commands for filtering of receive packets based on defined address fields and compare values.

  • Scheduling of packet transmission at an absolute time or after a defined delay.

  • Packet transmission conditional on Clear Channel Assessment (CSMA, LBT).

  • The ability to read RSSI manually.

  • Capability to switch between multiple PHY configurations at runtime.

  • Revised help text (more uniform parameter descriptions).