Software Components#

These are some of the RAIL software components available for application use.


RAIL library software components provide the ability to choose support for single or multiple protocols. Current components include:


Radio utility software components provide optional source code that aid with radio setup and functionality. Current components include:

RAILtest Application#

RAILtest application software components are specific to the RAILtest application. Current components include:


RAIL Library

Angle of Arrival/Departure (AoX) Utility

Antenna Diversity Utility

Built-in PHYs for alternate HFXO frequencies

Callbacks Utility

Coexistence Utility

Direct Memory Access (DMA) Utility

Energy Friendly Front End Module (EFF) Utility

Front End Module (FEM) Utility

Initialization Utility

Packet Trace Interface (PTI) Utility

Power Amplifier (PA) Utility

Protocol Utility

Recommended Utility

RF Path Utility

Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) Utility

RAILtest Application Core

RAILtest Application Graphics

Thermistor Utility

RF Path Switch Utility

Radio Sequencer Image Selection Utility

Software Modem (SFM) sequencer image selection Utility