Thermistor Utility#

RAIL Thermistor Utility#

This optional software component can be enabled to include advanced functionalities related to temperature on target having RAIL_SUPPORTS_EXTERNAL_THERMISTOR bit set.

The thermistor component allows the user to enabled multiple features related to temperature such as:

  • High Frequency Crystal Oscillator (HFXO) compensation

  • Thermal protection

Note that thermistor can be used independantly of this component using already exisiting API such as:

This component offers a default configuration and conversion functions.

When using a Silicon Labs-developed board with a thermistor, the configuration options for this software component are set up automatically and the conversion functions are based on the selected board. When using a custom board, user must manually configure the configuration options. If the thermistor is custom as well, user must manually override the conversion functions.

Configuration Options#

The following hardware options can be changed:

  • Configure the THERMISTOR GPIO pin.

  • Configure the THERMISTOR GPIO port.

The following conversion functions can be changed: