Radio Sequencer Image Selection Utility#

RAIL Utility for Selecting a Radio Sequencer Image#

This optional software component allows for the selection of a specific radio sequencer image on platforms that support multiple images. The selection can be done automatically based on properties of the OPN, or manually based on the application needs of the user.

Currently, only EFR32XG24 supports multiple sequencer images. The two images available for that platform are for the 10 dBm PA and 20 dBm PA variants. This component will select the correct image automatically based on the OPN. In the future, other sequencer images may be introduced on other platforms that allow the user to choose an application specific custom sequencer image.

On platforms that support only one default sequencer image, this component is safe to include, and will have no effect.

Configuration Options#

The following configuration options can be changed:

  • Enable/disable run-time selection of the sequencer image.