Developing Bluetooth Location Services Applications#

Bluetooth Location Services include applications for direction finding (Angle of Arrival and Angle of Departure), High Accuracy Distance Measurement (also called Accurate Bluetooth Ranging), Triangulation, and Trilateration. While Silicon Labs' Real-Time Locating (RTL) library supports all of these, the initial application focus is on providing a Direction Finding Solution for developing direction finding applications using AoA and AoD. These are new technologies that establish a standardized framework for indoor positioning. With these technologies, the fundamental problem of positioning comes down to solving the arrival and departure angles of radio frequency signals.

Direction FindingDirection Finding

The content on these pages is intended for those who want to experiment with or are already developing a Bluetooth Direction Finding application using the RTL Library provided with the Bluetooth LE SDK.

For details about this release: The Gecko SDK page contains alphabetically-arranged release notes for all the SDKs in the Gecko SDK Suite. Scroll down to Location Services and find the corresponding version link.

For Silicon Labs' Location Services product information: See the product pages on

For background about the Bluetooth Direction Finding Solution and Bluetooth LE: The Fundamentals section is a good place to start.

To get started with development: See Silicon Labs Direction Finding Solution Quick-Start Guide

If you are already in development: See the Developer's Guide for details or go directly to the API Reference.