About Projects#

Create a Simplicity Studio® 5 (SSv5) project for an 8-bit target by selecting a target device, and then selecting an example, as described in Project Creation. An extensive list of examples is provided for most Silicon Labs EFM8 and C8051 devices. These examples contain configurations specific to each target device.

8 bit examples8 bit examples

The Simplicity IDE perspective opens with the project directory highlighted in Project Explorer view. Expand the directory and double-click the project source to see or modify the code.

8 bit code start8 bit code start

Open Hardware Configurator by double-clicking the .hwconf file in Project Explorer, or by selecting Hardware Configurator from the Tools menu, and selecting the project.

8 bit hwconf tool start8 bit hwconf tool start

Use Hardware Configurator to customize the configuration and functionality as desired. Modifications to the device configuration can be saved to the .hwconf file. Hardware Configurator generates output in the form of generated code in multiple files, as described in Using Hardware Configurator.

Build and debug the application as described in Building and Using the Debugger.