About SLC-CLI#

SLC-CLI is provided as a downloadable .zip file for three operating systems:

  • Windows® OS

  • MacOS® X

  • Linux® OS

SLC-CLI may be used with the following SDKs and platforms:

  • Gecko Bootloader

  • Gecko Platform

  • The Gecko SDK (the suite of Silicon Labs SDKs)

Example projects (defined in .slcp files) are installed with the SDK in a directory under the Gecko SDK (GSDK) installed directory. The location varies depending on the SDK.

  • Amazon AWS: <GSDKpath>\app\amazon\example

  • Bluetooth SDK: <GSDKpath>\app\bluetooth\example

  • Bluetooth Mesh SDK: <GSDKpath>\app\btmesh\example

  • OpenThread SDK: <GSDKpath>\protocol\openthread\sample-apps

  • 32-Bit MCU SDK: <GSDKpath>\app\mcu_example

  • Proprietary (Flex) SDK: <GSDKpath>\app\flex\example\<Connect or RAIL>

  • Gecko Bootloader: <GSDKpath>\platform\bootloader\sample-apps

  • GSDK Platform: <GSDKpath>\app\common\example

  • Wi-SUN SDK: <GSDKpath>\app\wisun\example

  • Z-Wave SDK: <GSDKpath>\protocol\z-wave\apps

  • Zigbee SDK: <GSDKpath>\protocol\zigbee\app

SLC-compatible SDKs may also support extensions that may include example projects as well as components. By default, extensions are installed into the “extension” folder at the root of an SDK.

Extension: <GSDKpath>|extension|<extension_name>