The SLC-CLI .zip files are available here:

In addition to the SLC-CLI .zip file and the Gecko SDK, you will need Java 64-bit JVM version 17 or higher, available through Amazon Correto . Note that some files, such as the Windows .msi files, can be found on the releases page .

Installing the CLI#

  1. Unpack the SLC-CLI zip file.

  2. (Optional) To call SLC-CLI from anywhere in your system, add the path to the expanded slc-cli to your PATH. If you do not do this step on Mac or Linux systems, you will need to preface all calls to slc with ./ as in ./slc, assuming you are following this procedure in the current directory.

  3. (Optional) All project operations require a path to the GSDK installation directory. To make these operations easier, you may want to create an environment variable for the GSDK location.

Other Tools#

SLC-CLI provides a number of options for generating project files. In order to build an application image you also need a compiler toolchain, such as GCC or IAR.

In order to flash the image to a target device, you need Simplicity Commander. Simplicity Commander enables you to complete these essential tasks:

  • Flash an application.

  • Configure the application image.

  • Manage the target device.

Download an Operating System-specific Simplicity Commander zip file here:

For instructions on using Simplicity Commander, see UG162: Simplicity Commander Reference Guide.