WF200/WFM200 Introduction

The Silicon Labs WF200 is an Ultra Low Power Wi-Fi® transceiver or network co-processor (NCP) targeted for applications where optimal RF performance, low-power consumption, and secure end-to-end solution, together with fast time to market, are key requirements. The WF200 integrates the Balun, T/R switch, LNA, and PA for best possible RF performance. The WF200 has been optimized for resource and power-constrained devices at the RF, protocol, and firmware levels.

The Silicon Labs Wi-Fi Full-MAC (FMAC) driver is used as an interface for Silicon Labs WLAN WF200 parts and associated modules (WFM200, WGM160P). The Wi-Fi FMAC driver enables communication with Silicon Labs Wi-Fi Network Co-Processor using the full-MAC layer interface.

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