Configuring Common BLE Parameters#

The following sections describe common BLE configuration parameters that enable/disable or configure various BLE features of the SiWx917 Open Source Driver (OSD).

Note: The following insmod command may be used to configure multiple parameters at the same time. Note that this only applies to the parameters below that are configuring using insmod.

Replace module_param with the module parameter to be configured and <value> with the corresponding value that needs to be assigned. Module parameters in this section are grouped according to the corresponding feature.

insmod rsi_91x.ko [module_param = <value>], [module_param = <value>], ... , [module_param = <value>]

  1. insmod rsi_91x.ko bt_rf_type = < value >: This variable selects the BT RF TYPE which the module has to operate. The following are the possible values:

    • 0 - EXTERNAL RF

    • 1 - INTERNAL RF (Default)

    For example, bt_rf_type = 1 sets bt rf type to Internal RF.

  2. insmod rsi_91x.ko ble_tx_pwr_inx = < value > :This module param selects the BLE_TX_PWR index value. Default Value for BLE Tx Power Index is 30. The following are the possible values:

    • For the BLE Tx LP Chain: 1 - 63 (0, 32 are invalid)

    • For the BLE Tx HP Chain: 64 - 76

    For example, you can set the value as shown here.

  3. insmod rsi_91x.ko ble_power_save_options = < value >: This variable selects the BLE_PWR_SAVE_OPTIONS mode value. The following are the possible values.




    Default value is 2 i.e. BIT(1)- BLR_DUTY_CYCLING is set.

  4. insmod rsi_91x.ko ble_roles = < value >: This varialble sets the number of BLE roles allowed.

    • BIT[3:0] represents the number of central roles allowed.

    • BIT[7:4] represents the number of peripheral roles allowed.

    Default value is set to 19.

  5. insmod rsi_91x.ko bt_bdr_mode = < value >: BDR mode in classic.

    • BIT(0) - BDR only selection

    • BIT(1) - BDR in LP chain selection

    Default value is bt_bdr_mode = 0.

  6. insmod rsi_91x.ko bt_rf_tx_power_mode = < value >:

    Default value is 0.

  7. insmod rsi_91x.ko bt_rf_rx_power_mode = < value >:

    Default value is 0.

  8. insmod rsi_91x.ko bt_feature_bitmap = < value >: The bt_feature map can be assigned a value as explained below.

    • BIT[0] - For Enabling role switch from host set this bit to 1

    • BIT[1] - For Enabling sniff from host set this bit to 1

    • BIT[5] - For Enabling BT Spoof MAC address i.e to use HARDCODE_MAC_ADDR in BT this bit should be set to 1

    • BIT[7:3] - Reserved

    Default value is 0.